Sometimes we ask ourselves; what does 'the good life' essentially mean for us?

We think that living legit, is to be legitimate. Honest. Pure. To be yourself. And to do, what you love doing. No matter what that is.. we think that in itself is the only credible… and nothing else.

We like to to do the things we do, our way. The way we feel them. To follow the unqiue blue prints in the life we lead individually and to enjoy that same path collectively. We believe 'the good life' is about feeling 'good' and we believe that is a process. It's not just the absence of illness or pain, or even to escape from death. It's not just material wealth. It's not about feeling safe or socially accepted or to stand out of the mass, because of money and power. It's not about classifications or labels that you put on people or things.

The good life, for example, can be a feeling of being in harmony with nature… the ocean, which can bring periods of transcendent joy and a kind of love or energy that joins humans to all living things.

We embrace the good life as a feeling of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony that each of us can experience, even if only for short periods of time. To be aware of our words and actions, that shape our present and future. We see life as a challenge. We want to have fun embracing that challenge and appreciate the ride in the roller coaster that life ultimately is.

In essence, for us, 'the good life' means doing, what you love doing.

Good life, Gonzales life.