••    Quail Trail Winner    ••

We have a quail trail winner. Pepijn Tigges is his name. Securing the treasure in 27 minutes and 10 seconds after the release on jagershots. Enjoy your new board Pepijn!
That was some very fine hunting young man, may the north sea be with you.

If you are interested;
De Kwartel means "The Quail". De Kwartel is a beach that I used to surf a lot when I was younger. It is located close to where the treasure was hidden.
I used to bike through the dunes and surf there by myself or with just a couple of close friends out. Biking through the dunes was always nice, it was like it gave an extra dimension to the session. Smelling the beautiful forrest and being surrounded by it on the way there and back was special.

I can still feel the excitement I used to have during all my years surfing as a grommet up there. It was my own little world, a world where everything was possible. I remember when I was 14 or 15 years old, it was a national holiday in Holland ( queensday or something), I biked there to check the surf and it was one of those unforgettable days. Perfect waves with no wind and a decent size, a very unusual sight along the dutch coast, it happens maybe once or twice a year… if you're lucky. Forecasts were still in an early age at that time and it was just so intense, I was extremely excited… haha

Anyway, I have so many great memories from this particular beach that I wanted to give a present to the north sea youth from now.
It manifested in the form of the quail trail, I hope you liked it.

Enjoy the next few days, looks like the north sea is dishing up some waves again!

These 2 guys came 2 minutes after Pepijn… They definitely deserved a reward for their effort – they got presents from Protest, a boardshort and a shirt.